Aura Builders provides a unique solution in the field of Architectural and Interiors in Kerala and we provide all construction relative services under one roof.We are the leading trend makers in modern home interior designing in Cochin
It’s not just about the physical structure that we see but the entire atmosphere that makes up the ambience and gives the structure its very special characteristics.
Interior design is now an integral part of both residential and commercial properties in India. Here’s a novel concept that offers you the opportunity to customize your apartment based on your personal style and taste
We offer 3D Modeling services at affordable prices. We will help you provide innovative outsourcing solutions. Our skilled team of engineers and architects will join develop an advanced design solutions.
Working from a sketch, a fully detailed drawing or a concept, we create incredibly detailed, two-dimensional drawings that are done with high precision.
Understanding the structural concepts and performance of structural elements, calculations for columns, beams, frames, footings, slabs, walls in concrete, steel and timber and linking the knowledge acquired to architectural design.
Our team will helping managing the interior designing Projects on behalf of the client in his total absence so as to finish the Project in a desired time frame, at pre-determined cost and at the best possible quality.
Your existing old building can be made new (renovated) with remodeling, interior designing modifications and furnishings by our experts.
We transform the barren piece of land by implementing those designed concepts and making it come alive.
We understand that distance and cost are factors to be considered hence we offer Interior design solutions and Architectural designs using the latest technology to meet the needs of our customers.